This will be the last one of these for a very long time. I’ve added one last artist to my management roster and it will be the last one for the next year or so. Please help me in welcoming Douze to the Brilliantine family.

Having worked with Kris Menace many times in the past, it’s no surprise that he’s had multiple collaborations with Menace and releases on Work it Baby. Douze has previously released on Xinobi and Moullinex‘s Discotexas, Sharooz‘s La Bombe and Mason‘s Animal Language. Just like Futurewife, Douze also made an entry into The Ambitious C mixtape series before its ultimate end.

Below is Douze’s latest EP, “Girls & Phasers Vol. 1”. Out now on Work It Baby. The future is bright and busy, be prepared to hear so much more from Douze in the future!



Hello kiddos! Been a while! I have some good news though. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome Futurewife to management family here at Brilliantine. Crossing genres between nu-disco, UK Funky and all that nasty bassy-ness in between – we’re more than happy to him join that other funk master, Cyclist, on the roster.

New to Futurewife? Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered. Below is his remix for Joseph Terruel‘s “String Orchestra” as well as the latest Freq Note podcast featuring Futurewife, DJ Shmeejay, Casewag and Rrriles. Look out for news on upcoming releases and tour dates for both Futurwife and Cyclist, right here on Brill. So watch this space!

Freq Note Podcast 005

State of affairs



Welcome to the future. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, but I want you to know what we’re up to and where we’re going. Brilliantine since it’s inception has always been something of a fluid entity, and we aim to keep that mystery as we move forward with a bit of direction and purpose. Our release schedule over the past 3 years has been slow but purposeful, driven by a desire to be sustainable and relevant to ourselves and to anyone who would listen. We feel incredibly lucky to work with everyone that’s been part of what we’ve been building.

Right now, we’re beginning a transition to be a little more present and make a little more noise. We’ve been stocking our roster with talent that we absolutely, unquestionably stand behind on all counts and we’re using that as our trademark – not a genre, or a scene, not that we don’t have love for those worlds or begrudge anyone who wishes to work within their constraints. We’re just going to work with only people we trust and release only music we love and see where that takes us.

To start, it takes us here: on April 15th, we’re releasing the debut single from Braqueberry – something which has been really hard to keep quiet about for even this long. Packed with astonishing remixes from Ghosts on Tape and MikeQ with Divoli S’vere and artwork from Arnau Pi, we’re aiming to flip the narrative straight on its head and redefine what Brilliantine is going to be. I think you’ll love it.

Following that, we’re proud to announce the release of Hemingway’s debut single on May 13th – something that I think some of you have been waiting to hear for some time now. With the cinematic disco of “Ace Neptune” and reworks on the flip from Jokers of the Scene and Cyclist, this is a Toronto project through and through, and that speaks to another element of Brilliantine going forward – while we bring material from around the world into our little label family to share it with you, we also want to work hard showcasing what we love from our home here. Look for more to come.

Beyond this, we’ve got a firehose of new releases coming up from some new names including Douze, Africa, Most People, Vanity Muscles and Futurewife and eagerly awaited new material from Montauk, Pelifics and Sweet Track. It’s going to be a very good year.

I could keep going, but I don’t want to wear this out. I’m really excited to move forward with this, and I appreciate every one of you who have stuck with us for this long. I’m dead-set on making it worth it for you. We’ve got two events coming up this week and we’d love you to come out and celebrate the future with us. Wednesday at Hotel Ocho we’ve got Early Check-in with DJ sets from Hemingway, Cyclist and Futurewife. Friday at Mây Cafe we’ve got Actions #1 with the debut of Cyclist & Hemingway’s live project, a live set from Philadelphia’s Sweet Track and sets from Vanity Muscles, Futurewife and Linus Booth and Anti Hero of Jokers of the Scene. Come on out and introduce yourselves.

I need to end this on a personal note, I don’t even care. If you’re an irrepressible cynic, you can stop reading now. For me, Brilliantine has been the end-point of a few thousand left-turns and, coming at this whole thing from the outside, it’s been a struggle at times to keep moving things forward. This wouldn’t be happening without phenomenal work and patience for my bullshit from Meghann and Cee, who have been running the label with me here in Toronto for a little while now, and even more patience for even more bullshit and endless critical support from my wife Erin. This isn’t a victory speech or anything like that – hopefully that will come later. I’m just happy to be here.

Talk to you soon.

Royal Disintegration


Happy New Year folks! Coming to a late start this year, but it’s all good.

I’ve been loving Mighty Mouse‘s remix of this track for a while now and today the video for Monarchy‘s original is out. Featuring the beyond beautiful Dita Von Teese, doing what she does best. The video and the track might make you wet… …in the ears, I mean. Bring on the burlesque!

Top Squares


It’s the end of the year, but you didn’t think I’d leave 2012 without some sort of list did you? Below are my top 5 breakthrough albums. Pop champagne, stay safe and I’ll see you in 2013, folks.

1. Kindness – “World You Need A Change of Mind” (Female Energy)