• Album cover for Braqueberry - Wemen

      BRILL010 / 2013.03.15

    • Braqueberry


      1. Blaque Won
      2. Blaque Won (MikeQ & Divoli S’vere Runway House Remix)
      3. Blonde Lost
      4. Blonde Lost (Ghosts on Tape Remix)
    • WEMEN is a silky-smooth trash compactor of a release, and the perfect expression of Brilliatine’s new phase. With two original tracks bringing together all the sounds you forgot you liked to hear with cracking, crackling baubles of drums and “olde bass”, it is nothing more or less than a statement of presence. Both tracks release vaporous strands of melodicism in the midst of technological decay, and yet, this isn’t something just to appreciate as a concept – you can dance to this, and you should. Never before have the concepts of tight and loose come together in so many intriguing ways.
    • On the remix we have two even more diverse worlds come into play. DJ MikeQ and his Qween Beat production partner Divol S’Vere extract the raw, thrusting neck-breaking centre of “Blaque Won” and form it into an eruption of confidence. If you vogue to this, you vogue to the best. San Francisco’s Ghosts on Tape flip the story around and bring us by far the most immediately dance-floor friendly take on the Braqueberry story. The ICEE HOT emissary grounds the wavering synth leads and crunchy digital pads of “Blonde Lost” in a bed of his own crisp hi-hats, house bass and driving intensity.

    • Album cover for Pelifics - Lifetime EP Vol.1

      BRILL008 / 2012.05.14

    • Pelifics

      Lifetime EP Vol.2

      1. He Was The Best w/ AXXE
      2. Spray Painted Knuckles w/ JD Samson
      3. The Beach Tonight w/ Miss Plug Inn
    • Like it’s predecessor. Lifetime Volume 2 provides us with an in-depth journey into his world of nu-disco punctuated by the wistfulness of 1980 pop and the funk that runs circles around long-gone eras.
    • The first track of the EP is “He Was The Best”, a collaboration with On The Fruit all-stars AXXE. Ironically, the title is borrowed from the film Cocktail, which is exactly what the listener receives in the track – italo disco roots, with marked riffs of heavy metal guitar, with AXXE’s poignant vocals lingering at the forefront.
    • “Spray-Painted Knuckles” with Le Tigre’s JD Samson is, oh so happily, what you would expect from one of our favourite feminist musicians – fresh and fun, but with a bit of sass and snarl that adds some emotional complexity to the otherwise rhythmic and dreamy soundscapes.
    • “The Beach Tonight” with Miss Plug Inn is sure to endear itselves to the masses, or at least make everyone with they could “Be Italian”. We thought we’d share the eloquent words of Pelifics himself to convey this stand-out track: “The track was heavily inspired by Alexander Robotnick. While a lot of italo disco is very cheerful, Robotnicks tunes are more melancholic. It transformed into something else, but I still think it has an italo disco vibe that suits Silvia’s vocals. The title was initially in Italian (Andiamo al mare stanotte). I think it’s nice when titles enhance the vibe of tracks, and I really felt this one was about going to the beach with someone on a warm summer night.”

    • Album cover for Pelifics - Lifetime EP Vol.1

      BRILL007 / 2012.02.13

    • Pelifics

      Lifetime EP Vol.1

      1. Wish It Could Last w/ Electric Youth
      2. Can’t Promise Anything w/ Human Life
      3. Magic
    • Brilliantine Records is proud to present the latest offering from Oslo producer Pelifics (alias of Eirik Seu Stokkmo) as an EP in two potent acts.
    • Expanding on his already notorious style, Lifetime Volume 1 provides us with his markedly fresh combination of disco and house, infused with a strong homage to 1980’s pop and funk. The result is a series of compositions that leave the listener happily oscillating between sounds of youthful nostalgia and the future sound of disco.
    • The first track and first single of the EP is the ethereal “Wish It Could Last”, a collaboration with 2011 Drive Soundtrack darlings Electric Youth. With a marked Pet Shop Boys vibe, tracks are injected with strange new life in a juxtaposition between anthematic indie dance beats and Bronwyn’s whimsical vocals.
    • Can’t Promise Anything with Human Life veers Volume 1 into different (yet strangely familiar) territory, and makes you hope with all your might that someone will choreograph a dance routine to accompany it. Again we’re presented with patchwork collection of sounds from a bygone and much romanticized era, but with fierce funk riffs that bite back.
    • Magic takes us on another disco-tainted journey that merges flawlessly with the best elements of the second age of golden pop. In Pelifics own words, “The track started off as a homage to one of my all time favourite tracks “Nothing Looks the Same in the Light” from Wham!’s album Fantastic.”
    • Volume 2 is slated for release March 12, thematically uniting the EP (with a few rabbits pulled out of the hat for good measure). You’ll be seeing Pelifics patent sound merged with the talents of JD Samson (of Le Tigre/Men fame), On The Fruit Records artists AXXE, and Italy’s dearest DJ, Miss Plug-Inn. Stay tuned.

    • Album cover for Montauk - The Newsroom EP.

      BRILL006 / 2011.10.17

    • Montauk

      The Newsroom EP

      1. Eye-contact
      2. The Gum Thief
      3. Love Stinks
      4. Bombachas
      5. Late Marriage
    • Teetering between the sonic realms of tropical pop, electro house and new-nu-disco, Swedish duo Montauk gained a long overdue spot in the independent music scene when Brilliantine adopted their long hidden salon pop gem “Holiday”, a track that we’ve been in love with long before label was born. It’s simple, but the track began it’s ascendance purely through it’s own greatness, requiring the lightest of promotional touches before it began to make it’s way onto mixes by influential DJs such as Headman and Aeroplane. Gaining attention from both blogs and musicians, these guys immediately found themselves in demand with remix requests from great artists including The Sonnets, O’Spada, Jinder, Titiyo, Crying Day Care Choir, WKBDYB? and Home Video – meanwhile honing their craft with immense, world-beating stealth re-edits on their own Sweet Surprise imprint that have found their way into clubs and mixes the world over.
    • All that has lead up to this offering, their first full EP of original material. “The Newsroom” is a miniature catalogue showcasing their craftsmanship and mind-mantras via a plethora of moods and styles from exotic hypno-house, 80s shopping network tunes to beach bliss and piano driven power filter ballads that will win you over no matter if you’re in a high class lounge, on the dance-floor or in flight.
    • Album cover for Mirror People - Night Impact.

      BRILL005 / 2010.09.08

    • Mirror People

      Night Impact

      1. Night Impact
      2. Diamonds
      3. Night Impact
        (Pelifics Remix)
      4. Night Impact
        (CRYSTAL Remix)
      5. Night Impact
        (Cosmonaut Grechko Re-Interpretation)
      6. Night Impact
        (Sweet Track Space Dub)
    • Influenced by Factory Records, DFA and Italians Do It Better – Mirror People the latest project from producer Rui Maia is lathered in layers of synth-rich dark disco with the potential of taking the full live band form in the near future. The name ‘Mirror People’ comes from the song by the 80’s band ‘Love & Rockets’ while the inspiration for ‘Night Impact’ came to Rui’s mind while listening to the Mancunian band Section 25.’Night Impact’ is an echo of unplanned nights out, a theatrical lesson in disco science and a collision of cosmic and mystery synth. It will be released on the 9th of August on Brilliantine via all your favorite digital stores. The single comes with 4 remixes by Pelifics, CRYSTAL (Institubes), Cosmonaut Grechko and Sweet Track – along with another original ‘Diamonds’ as a B-side.
    • Album cover for Sweet Track - Two-Way Mirror.

      BRILL004 / 2010.06.20

    • Sweet Track

      Two-Way Mirror

      1. Two-Way Mirror
      2. Upon Joining The Army
      3. Two-Way Mirror
        (Mirror People Remix)
      4. Two-Way Mirror
        (What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? Remix)
      5. Two-Way Mirror
        (Radiant Dragon Remix)
      6. Two-Way Mirror
        (Optimus Prime Remix)
    • Sweet Track is a one man band, a craftsman of sound shadow and gloom pop his music fits somewhere between the lost tapes of your youth and the controversy of chillwave, creating that familiar yet new sound that’s made for basking in comfortable nostalgia while staying true to its indie self. Expect great things, starting now.Two-Way Mirror
      (Mirror People Remix)“Playful retro fresh-synth work for your mellow summery beach days under the sunset.”Two-Way Mirror
      (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? Remix)

      “Idiosyncratic electronic jungle-disco re-orchestration, a robotic re-interpretation of a mirage.”

      Two-Way Mirror
      (Radiant Dragon Remix)

      “Dramatic recoiling and twinkling night version with brooding bone-chilling vibe of mysterious cult societies.”

      Two-Way Mirror
      (Optimus Prime Remix)

      “Pulsating mechanical club-ready synth strutter for the cosmic dancefloors.”

    • Album cover for What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? - Love of Luxury Remixes.

      BRILL003 / 2010.05.17

    • What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow?

      Love of Luxury Remixes

      1. Love of Luxury
        (Montauk Remix)
      2. The Probe
        (Deux Helix Remix)
    • Brilliantine is pleased to announce the release of BRILL003 the What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? mini remix EP, including a Daft Punk Discovery inspired remix of ‘Love Of Luxury’ by the swedish nu-disco/luxury-pop duo Montauk & a cosmic drugged-sound-treatment of the club beast ‘The Probe’ orchestrated by Deux Helix – both available via all your favorite digital stores starting from May 17th.

    • Album cover for Montauk - Holiday.

      BRILL002 / 2010.04.26

    • Montauk


      1. Holiday
      2. Holiday
        (Tronik Youth Pool Mix)
      3. Holiday
        (Justin Faust Remix)
      4. Holiday
        (John’s Candy Remix)
      5. Holiday
        (What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? Sticky Mix)
      6. Holiday
        (Suck Shaft Remix)
      7. Holiday
        (Sweet Track Holla-Disco Dub)
    • As heard on the AEROPLANE June 2010 chart mix. The 2nd release (BRILL002) from Brilliantine records, a piano driven Salon Luxury-Pop, Nu-Disco, Melodic-House Holiday theme tune by Swedish duo Montauk.

    • Album cover for What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? - Love of Luxury EP.

      BRILL001 / 2009.12.14

    • What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow?

      Love of Luxury EP

      1. Love of Luxury
      2. The Probe
      3. Your Analog
      4. Love of Luxury
        (Tronik Youth Penthouse Mix)
      5. Love of Luxury
        (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix)
    • Drawing energy from the static in the air, What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? have found comfort in a new North American home this year where the duo will be focusing their sorcery on music production for the next few months or so. If their name is any indication, What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? indeed finds inspiration in weather forecasts, the power of seasons change, clouds reformation, terrains, habitats and even modern urban structures where every element in a scenery can aesthetically translate into a beat, sound or a layer of sound. Melody is the keyword, House and Electronica are the methods; with each half of the pair bringing their own influences and styles into the equation, many hard to please journalists have found it difficult to categorize their sound under one genre as even a simple remix visits different territories and shifts shape noticeable as it progresses, handing them interesting descriptions like Tropical-Techno, Melodic-House and Metamorphic-Electronica while the band simply call it the sound of Benevolence.They’ve transformed tracks for The xx, Kings Of Convenience, You Love Her Coz She’s Dead, Yuksek and Lake Heartbeat among others, the latter which loved the rework done for them so much that they decided to do one in return for the duo as an act of love and appreciation, it is to date their one and only remix. What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow? are releasing their first EP on Brilliantine on the 14th of December with plans for a follow up in the first quarter of 2010.Although the Love Of Luxury EP offers the first taste of the original sound of WKBDYB, it is still merely a peek through a keyhole as the possibilities of their genre adaptations are nothing short of being kaleidoscopically complex — multi bands in one is one way to put it. Like metamorphosis the duo are unpredictable and will bring genres together as long as the technique can be mastered.Debating logic, the title track ‘Love of Luxury’ feels tribal in its own rights, a dark quirky synthetic head-trip of clicky beats driven nu-pop proper vocal song.
    • Brain slicing electronic dancefloor monster that will appeal to the DJs with a heavier technological flair, with its ethereally snarly nature and space-dolphins-ultrasound coating ‘The Probe’ shall turn your club into a galactic battle zone.
    • Like the title implies ‘Your Analog #2’ is majorly an electronic mood piece surfing on cosmic waves of ambient doubled with brushes of electric guitar, a prowling new-age shuttle of sound simulating the ominous feel to venturing into the unknown.
    • Remixes come from Tronik Youth transforming the title track into a hauntingly arcade-hall disco storm of bleeps, coked-up keys and marching band steel drums; while Lake Heartbeat give it an expert rubdown in ballad territory and smooth out the experience by laminating it with milky tropical synth and dreamwave vibes in their only official remix to date.